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Let's Talk About Breakup Narratives

When we're going through a breakup, we subconsciously apply all sorts of narratives to the situation. ⁠

Here's a few examples...

"I'm just the kind of person that people leave so it was honestly inevitable that she got sick of me and ended it."

"If I were more attractive or more successful, he wouldn't have broken up with me."

"Relationships are always doomed. I'm lucky we lasted this long but I know nothing good ever lasts."

Narratives are the STORIES we tell ourselves and how we make sense of the world around and the events that happen to us. ⁠

They're very subjective and perspective-based. ⁠

They are NOT objective truth (even thought they may feel that way!)⁠

With narratives, we take facts and INTERPRET them⁠

The way we interpret has a lot to do with our MINDSET and engrained, hard-wired beliefs about the world.⁠

It's incredibly hard to stick to the "facts" when there's emotional interference. ⁠

So... what are some narratives you've assigned around your breakup?⁠


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