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How Long Will it Take to Get Over my Ex?

I'm keeping it real with you today...

It could take you a few weeks... it could take you a few years...


I know, I know... that is one of the most annoying responses when you're looking for answers, but there are lot of things that it depends on...

→ If you've been through and healed from a breakup before of if this is your first time

→ How emotionally invested you were in the relationship

→ How prepared (or blindsided) you were for the end of the relationship

→ Your attachment style

→ Your support system

→ What you've been programmed to believe about yourself and relationships from your early experiences

→ How well you know your own patterns and dynamics

But what can help "speed up" the process (or at least keep you from spinning your wheels and wasting your precious healing time) is how INTENTIONAL you are about your healing!

There is no need to white knuckle your way through healing via trial and error. I have proven techniques and processes that will help you not only start feeling better, but will pave the way for any future relationships down the line.

Want to do this the right way and save yourself agony, time, energy, and resources in the long run?


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