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Broken Hearts are Expensive.

Broken hearts and repeated maladaptive patterns are expensive. Period. 💸

Sometimes the cost is tangible like when you're literally missing work and income because you're too devastated by your breakup.

Sometimes the cost is less obvious like the time spent pursuing new partners who at best aren't a good fit and at worst cause you to fall into the same toxic cycles as in the past.

Sometimes the cost is in the form of excessive drinking or substance use, the cost of those things monetarily and the cost on your health and well-being.

And sometimes the cost is in the form of hating the dye job you impulsively got after the breakup... not to mention the cost of the color correction at the hairstylist!

The worst cost would be committing to another relationship that isn't right for you and further delaying your true happiness because you still don't understand what to look for, what to avoid, and what your own subconscious patterns and dynamics are.

Let alone possibly marrying and having kids with this person connecting you to them financially and biologically for life. (Divorce is expensive, y'all! And co-parenting with an ex can be incredibly energetically draining!)

Yes investing in professional help can also be expensive. But choose your expensive.

Want to bypass the bad costs and invest in your future the right way? Click here to apply to work with me!


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