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The Key to Faster and Easier Healing from Heartbreak

Want the secret to faster and easier healing from heartbreak? ⁠

I'm here to share it with you! ⁠

The key lies in ACTIVE healing vs PASSIVE healing 🗝⁠

But what does that really mean??⁠

Many of us just wait for "time to heal all wounds", lie around waiting for the pain to end, distract with drinking or drugs, or race into new relationships.

What would happen if you did this with a physical injury?

If you had a fractured bone or wound, you'd remain in pain longer than necessary and risk exacerbating the injury, getting an infection, or leaving a bad scar.

Active Healing can look like...

Journaling on your feelings, intentionally reflecting on the relationship and your patterns, connected to pieces of you such as friendships and hobbies, and seeking professional guidance.

The more active you are in your approach to healing the faster it's going to happen and the easier it's going to be AND you next relationship will be better because of it!

Interested in taking a more active approach to your healing? Click here to apply for 1:1 breakup coaching!


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