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Stop Checking In On Your Ex

When you throw that trash out, do you go outside later to see how it's doing?

No. So stop checking in on your ex.

This might be hard to hear but... it's time to unfollow your ex 🤭⁠

Every single time you see a reminder of your ex, you are ripping off the scab of healing.⁠

Every. Time.⁠

And what happens when we rip off our scabs?⁠

Infections and scars. Gross 🤢⁠

Want the best chance of a full recovery?⁠

Remove any chance of uncovering upsetting info.⁠

A true unfriend/unfollow/block is what you need.⁠

(At the very least snooze their notifications for a while, if you have the self control to stay away from their profiles)⁠

This is just one step of many that is featured in my Break up First Aid! Get the FREE guide by clicking here.


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