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Feel Your Feelings

Feeling your feelings means you need to be feeling crappy and thinking about it ALL the time.⁠


In reality, we always want to be striving for the middle-ground gray area.⁠

This looks like BOTH allowing ourselves to feel and express our emotions AND find ways to still go about our daily life without having the breakup top of mind.⁠

Our goal is to allow ourselves to feel and process in smaller pieces so that we can go in and out of our regular activities⁠

Here are some ways you can feel your feelings...


Simply acknowledge how you feel without judgement

"I'm really f'ing sad today. I notice it, I name it, I acknowledge it."


Listen to your favorite music or listen to a breakup playlist to really get in your feels


Journal about how you feel. Using a prompt or just stream of consciousness.


Move your body.

Gentle movement like yoga can release emotions and feel good for sadness. More hardcore movement, such as kickboxing, can be helpful for anger.


Meditate if you're into that!


Scream your heart out! Into a pillow is great if you have roommates or close neighbors!


Set a timer or alarm and give yourself a set amount of time to feel your feeling each day. This is especially helpful if you still need to remain productive or if you tend to obsess or perserverate on your feelings.


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