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How to Rebuild Your Life After a Breakup

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Your relationship is over, now what?!


Your partner is gone and you are left trying to figure out what life was like before them.   


Here are a few tips on how to rebuild your life post-breakup...  

Be Transparent

When reconnecting with friends post-breakup, it's best to be transparent. Acknowledge that you spent less time with them because you were in a relationship, but now you are here and ready to be present.

Reconnect with Hobbies

Maybe you skipped your regular yoga class, because you wanted to stay in bed with your partner longer on Saturday mornings. It's time to reconnect with the hobbies that you had before your relationship and find new activities too!

Ask to be Included

Your friends usually assume your comfort level. Ask them to include you when they are making plans! Let them know that you are newly single and looking to make new friends.

Figure Out What You Like to do Alone

Want to sit in bed and binge what a show on Netflix all day? There's no there to stop you! Find what you enjoy doing alone and do it!

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