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Can You Be Friends with Your Ex?


I know you're shocked by that answer...

It does depend on the nature of the breakup and the protocol you follow after you breakup.

Right after your breakup, there needs to be a period of no contact where you are not connected on social media and your mutual friends are respecting the fact that you don't want to know what your ex is up to.

BECAUSE... being friends with your ex right away works until it doesn't.

When you're considering being friends with your ex, there is one main question to ask yourself...

How would you feel if you saw or heard that there is someone new in your ex's life?

Do you feel a bit bummed, but can acknowledge that it's been a bit since you broke up and you can come to terms with the fact that they've moved on?


Do you feel like you're about to throw up and have your heart broken all over again?

These are the things you need to pay attention to.

Because being friends with your ex works until there is someone else in the picture.

If you’re struggling to heal from a breakup, know that you’re not alone.  Click here to schedule a free consultation call.


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