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Are You Ready to Start Dating Again?

This is one of the most common questions I get as a licensed clinical psychologist and breakup coach.

The annoying truth is that it depends—on a lot of variables such as the nature of relationship and breakup, self esteem, time, etc.

But here's a little litmus test that you can use to decide if you're ready.

Think about...

  • How much you're thinking about your ex.

  • How much space and mental real estate is your ex taking up for you.

  • The intensity in which you're thinking about your ex

  • The kinds of feelings you are having towards your ex

Now, ask yourself...

“Would I be comfortable dating someone who is feeling and thinking about their ex the same way I am?”

If the answer is yes, because you're mostly not thinking about it, you have a pretty logical understanding of what happened, and you're feeling a little more healed emotionally, then go ahead!

If the answer is no, because you'd feel like you would be competing with their thoughts or constantly worrying if they want to get back together with their ex, then maybe you're not ready.

I of course go into so much more personalized detail with my private coaching clients so if you’re ready to heal your heart and prepare for your next, better relationship, click here to book a consultation call!


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