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6 Things to Think About When Considering a Breakup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Should you break up with your significant other? ⁠⁠


It's never a great feeling to be considering a breakup, but sometimes it's inevitable.  ⁠⁠


Let's be honest, breaking up with someone is easier said than done. There are a lot of factors and emotions that come into play.  ⁠⁠


BUT it can be very hard to shake off those thoughts and feelings once they've creeped in—so here are 6 things to think about when considering a breakup!  ⁠⁠

Where are you in the relationship? Are you there on on purpose for by accident?

For example: Did you move in with your partner because you wanted to or because you had to?

The more intentional your relationship is the less cracks there are in the foundation.

If you met them today, how would you feel about them?

Maybe you met in a different stage of life... do you think if you met them for the first time today that you would still want to be with them? Do you think you would fall in love with them the way you did in the beginning of your relationship?

What do you value in a relationship and what is the reality of your relationship?

This is known as the Values vs. Reality Matrix. Is your relationship reflecting the values that you hold? If not, which one needs to be changed... your relationship or your values?

If this is the easiest part of your relationship and life will only get more complicated, is this the person you want by your side?

Is this the person you want to spend life's ups and downs with?

How much justifying are you doing for their behavior?

Do you find yourself justifying most of your partner's actions to your family and friends?

How authentic can you be in your relationship?

Can you let your quirky side shine? More importantly, can you have and show emotions? Are you able to be vulnerable, weird, and emotional with this person?

If after going through these questions, you feel that it might be time for a breakup remember that you are not alone!


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