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Relationships Are Co-Constructed

EVERYTHING is "co-constructed" in a relationship.

It's never 0% vs. 100% contribution (abuse always being the number 1 exception!). Eventually, you need to examine your own role in your past relationship dynamic.

There is SO much power in understanding what you brought to the table. Both good AND bad.

The only person you have control over is YOU.

True transformation in your relationships happens when you are ready to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. But you have to be brave and ready enough to go there.

Some people will never be ready or willing to do this inner work. And you don't have to be ready immediately after a breakup...

Your first goal after a breakup is to heal and feel better ❤️

But if you're ready to improve your relationships moving forward, and reach a new level of intimacy and success in your relationships... this step is necessary.

Ready to look in the mirror, and improve your future relationships? Click here to book a free consultation call!


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