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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Match With Dud After Dud…

While Others Seem To Have All The Luck With Online Dating?

It’s not statistically random…there IS a method to the madness behind people who are having success.

Successful Online Dating Methods Are Equal Parts Art And Science.

It can feel damn near impossible to know where to even begin. 


What should I say? 


What shouldn't I say? 


How can I show people who I really am through a few photos and a couple of sentences? 


It’s hard to get reliable and honest feedback on your profile from friends - after all they don’t want to hurt your feelings!


Prospective dates will just ghost you without ever telling you why. 


What if I told you there are proven (but subtle) psychological cues you give off depending on the photos and language you use?

And that you can tap into these psychological ‘hacks’ to create a magnetic dating profile that sorts the duds from the diamonds…
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With a psychologically trained dating expert in your corner, say goodbye to bad online dating experiences and hello to great matches.

Make your dating profile irresistible to your dreamboat dates by tapping into the Principles of Dating Psychology 

Minimize the number of matches that waste your time (because your profile is set up to only attract people you’ll vibe with)

Navigate your matches, conversations and follow ups with a psychologically-trained dating expert in your corner. 

Here's what you get inside The Dating Clinic:

The Dating Profile Surgery
  • This is a 90 minute Zoom session where we give your dating profile a glow-up

  • We’ll dive into what dating has been like for you so far, what you want to get out of it now, and whether you need a different approach (and how to implement it)

  • Using my psychological hacks, I help you rewrite your bio so you get crystal clear on the image and message you want to project to the world (and who you want to attract)

  • I’ll help you choose your photos, or give you suggestions for which types of photos you should take if you don't already have them

Dating Doctor in Your Pocket
  • You get access to my private messaging channel for two weeks after our Dating Profile Surgery session

  • This is a 24/7 line where you leave a message at any time of the day or night (so you can get it off your chest when you most need to).

  • Share your thoughts, questions, or screenshots. You might have a dating profile you want to share and get my thoughts, or maybe you want my opinion on the messages you’re getting and how to respond.

  • Please note, this line is always open for you to leave me messages, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours (during business hours).


Check in to The Dating Clinic!






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why me?

I'm Dr. Andrea Liner, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist.

After undertaking a year-long predoctoral internship at The Catholic University of America's Counseling Center, I fell in love with working with the young adult population. 

The experience inspired me to focus as a therapist and coach to help younger adults navigate difficulties around transitional periods in their life. 

I met my husband on a dating app, and realized that my experience was different to what I’ve seen others go through. 

I’d been using my psychology background to optimize how I showed up on the apps, and it worked!

I’ve got the professional AND personal experience to help you plot a fun and meaningful experience through the online dating world. 

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