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The most comprehensive and psychologically-informed Breakup Recovery Program designed to help you not only feel better about your breakup, but also to teach you how to break cycles, change patterns, and to ultimately find your next, better relationship.



Let me guess,

You're currently...

  • Devastated about the end of your relationship

  • Feeling hopeless about ever finding love again

  • Unable to disconnect from your ex

  • Worried about repeating the same dating patterns

  • Questioning your own self-worth 

  • Feeling like you’ll never love someone else the same way

But you'd love to...

  • Feel relief from the sadness and anger

  • Emotionally disconnect from your ex

  • Understand why the breakup happened (even if you didn't get closure)

  • Identify what you’re actually looking for in a partner

  • Be able to get back to a life you love

  • Confidently re-enter the dating world

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 2.07.54 PM.png

Look, I totally understand...

When my relationship of five years ended seemingly out of nowhere, I was a disaster. The crying on the bathroom floor, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think or talk about anything else kind of heartbreak. I felt like I had not only lost my best friend but that my entire future was vanishing before my eyes. My self-esteem had plummeted and I was left questioning what was wrong with me or why I wasn’t good enough. 

I was so worried that I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel or feel better. This led me to worry that I’d never find love again or that I’d be alone forever. Meanwhile, he was already cozying up with the girl who had always been lurking in the background of our relationship. I felt broken, hopeless, and alone. Especially after the initial support from my friends started to dwindle as they urged me to simply “get over it.”

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 2.38.29 PM.png

Ironically, this was all happening as I was finishing my doctoral degree to become a licensed clinical psychologist. And even more ironically? 90% of the clients I was seeing as a therapist-in-training were ALSO going through breakups. So I did what any good psychology student would do and I went to the literature and the research. What caused us to attach so intensely to other humans? Why did breakups hurt so badly? And what was necessary to enact healing and change?

I combined my clinical knowledge and experience with what I was going through personally. By the end of that year, I had not only healed my own breakup, but I had helped my clients get through theirs and, when they were ready, into better, healthier relationships. 

Fast forward eight years (and a couple of other tricky breakups!), I’ve helped countless people through my work as a psychologist and now as a breakup coach to heal, process, and learn from their breakups. The goal isn’t just to feel relief from the agony of heartbreak after it happens, but also to understand the relational and attachment dynamics at play so they can date smarter in the future and ultimately find the best partner for them. I, as well as many of my clients, am now happily married and living a life I couldn’t have possibly fathomed in the days and weeks immediately following that breakup. 


Now I want to share this proven roadmap with you...



A comprehensive and psychologically-informed program designed to help you detox, surgically remove your attachment to your ex, and give you the internal imaging and X-rays necessary to understand who you are when it comes to love for a better dating prognosis in the future!

What's Included?



8  step-by-step video modules to help you go from breakup to healing and ready for your next, better relationship 


Accompanying workbooks for each module to get deeper into your unique healing


6 months of weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions and get live feedback and advice on your specific situation wherever you are in the process


A customizable 30 day accountability tracker for going no-contact and establishing new healthy routines


A supportive and private Facebook group where you can connect with and support others in the same situation


Direct access to and support from Dr. Andrea–not a separate support coach like happens in larger programs


What is the Breakup Hospital?

The Breakup Hospital is a group coaching program that combines a clinically-informed online curriculum with weekly group coaching calls with me, the Breakup Doc,  and a supportive community of like-minded people who know exactly what you’re going through– because they’re going through it too. 

Because we’re so much kinder and understanding to ourselves about physical illnesses or injuries, the Breakup Hospital takes you through a metaphorical medical process all the way from that first ride in the ambulance right after the breakup occurs to the physical therapy needed to get you dancing back out into the world.


here's what you'll learn!

The Ambulance 🚑


Stop the bleeding so that you can focus on moving into understanding what happened once you’re on more stable ground.

  • The most efficient actions you can take RIGHT NOW for emotional relief

  • Everything you need to know to pick yourself up off the bathroom floor once and for all

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Logo Options (4).png

Emergency Detox 💊


Separate from your ex physically and mentally so you can start to step into the next chapter of your life rather than staying stuck in the last one.

  • Finally let your wound close and scab over and break your ex's hold on you

  • Energetically protect yourself and that fresh scab from getting ripped back open, infected, or scarred!

Psych Ward 🧠


Getting your head right and examining the mindset traps that may be keeping you from fully embracing the healing process.

  • Learn the best kept secrets for ensuring a scar-free healing process

  • Banish your inner-critic interfering with your healing

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The Operating Room 🏥


Surgically dissect the relationship from the beginning to understand what attracted you to each other in the first place and examine the “red flags” that came up along the way undetected so you can feel confident that this breakup happened for good reasons.

  • Give yourself the closure you need, even if your ex never gave you a reason 

  • Make sense of why you dated in the first place AND why you should never date this type of person again

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Diagnostics 🩺

Take an in-depth look at the meat of what occurred in the relationship including any personal growth or change, which needs and desires were met or not met, and learning about your individual attachment style and how it impacts your relationships so you can start to recognize the incompatibilities that occurred and avoid them in the future

  • Learn exactly how you're wired romantically so you can stop wasting time with the wrong people

  • Stop beating yourself up for your partner's short-comings (even if they were well-intentioned)

Logo Options (4).png
Logo Options (4).png

Collecting Family History 📃


Examine what examples were set for you by caregivers, early modeled relationships, and even the media you consumed so you can take control over how you see yourself and relationships and what you’re looking for in a new partner

  • Kick the thought-traps to which you're "genetically" predisposed to the curb

  • Break cycles passed down to you for good

Imaging 📸


Take an x-ray view into honestly assessing your own tendencies and patterns as a partner so you can understand how you’re showing up and what you contribute to your relationships both good and bad (and make changes accordingly)

  • Get confident about what you bring to the table romantically

  • Build a castle out of the stones thrown at you by your ex by learning to harness negative feedback in a positive and productive way

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Physical Therapy 👩🏻‍⚕️


Take everything you’ve analyzed from this breakup and past partners to determine what you ARE looking for as well as learning new ways to communicate with future partners and how to be clear about your preferences, needs, and expectations so you can find your next, healthier relationship with minimal emotional baggage or scarring following you around!

  • Start viewing your breakup as the blueprint to the rest of your life

  • Feel empowered and ready to find the love you truly deserve!


imagine that...

While Everyone Follows Their Own Timeline,

In ONE month... you could feel relief. The sun is shining again and you’re able to start bringing focus back to other areas of your life.

In TWO months…you could understand why the breakup needed to happen. You recognize that your ex was not right for you and you feel some excitement at the possibility of meeting someone who can and wants to give you what you need.

In FOUR months….you could have a better understanding of what you’re actually looking for in a partner and how to avoid falling back into similar patterns.

In SIX months…you could feel ready to find your next, better relationship armed with true knowledge of your own patterns, needs, desires, and how to properly communicate that with potential new partners.

In ONE could be in the best relationship of your life!



"To say Andrea is an incredible person and clinician is an understatement...

You not only get help healing from a break up you learn so much about yourself. Who you are, what you want and need in a relationship. And what undesirable qualities you may be subconsciously bringing to the table. She coaches, guides you, cheers you on, and helps you develop a whole different identity for yourself. It’s worth every penny in spades. After our time together I knew exactly how to move forward and I learned how not to ignore red flags or settle. But most importantly, she taught me that the right person will think the sun shines out of my ass!  Literally, you cannot screw up what is meant for you. And sometimes that means coming to terms with yourself and loving yourself above all. I HIGHLY recommend her. There is no better program or support out there!


"Dr. Andrea's insight, coaching, and advice turned what could've been a terrible year into one of best of my life...

I went through a breakup a few years back; It was tough and probably the lowest point of my life. Then I went though a second breakup with the same woman, and it was surprising to me how different those 2 similar experiences were. Dr. Andrea was a big part of that.




8  step-by-step video modules to help you go from breakup to healing and ready for your next, better relationship ($997 VALUE)


Accompanying workbooks for each module to get deeper into your unique healing ($297 VALUE)


6 months of weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions and get live feedback and advice on your specific situation wherever you are in the process ($2400 VALUE)


A supportive and completely confidential Facebook group where you can connect with and support others in the same situation (PRICELESS VALUE)


A customizable 30 day accountability tracker for going no-contact and establishing new healthy routines ($97 VALUE)

Im Ready!

this is not for everyone...

This is for you if:

→ You’re ready to take control of your healing
→ You want to not only feel better but also to understand your patterns for the future
→ You feel like you keep dating the same type of person or having the same relationship outcomes over and over and want to both understand and break those cycles
→ You’re ready to stop letting past relationships get in the way of new ones
→ You know healing doesn’t happen overnight but you’re willing to be vulnerable and put in the work


This is not for you if:

→ Your primary goal is to "get your ex back"
→ You have no interest in examining your relationship patterns or making different choices in the future
→ You have serious mental health conditions and are not currently in the care of a licensed professional 
→ You are looking primarily for help with co-parenting or managing similarly serious logistics such as finances with an ex
→ You expect to heal magically without putting in the work



"I only wish I would've contacted Dr. Andrea sooner...

She armed me with a toolbox of philosophies and strategies to combat all grief that comes from a breakup. She not only helped me get through a breakup, but set me up to be more successful in future relationships.”


“I’ve never had someone walk me through the relationship...

help me understand my own tendencies and attachment style, and give sound psychological advice and support the way Dr. Andrea did. I now have such a deeper understanding of my own roles in relationships and how to be more successful in the future. Anyone who’s gotten their heart broken needs to do this work!”


  • Q. Is this for me if my breakup ended a while ago but I’m still hurting?
    A. Absolutely! The majority of the program focuses on gaining a better understanding of what happened, your relationship dynamics, and what kind of partner would be more compatible for you–all things that are important to look at regardless of where you are in the process.
  • Q. What if I’m the one who ended the relationship?
    A. You’re in the right place! Being the one who ended the relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings about it and you deserve support too. Plus, many of my clients who have ended relationships want to learn why they keep choosing similar partners or simply want to make sure they know enough about themselves to choose differently in the future.
  • Q. What if I’m not quite ready to move on from my ex?
    A. Many of us have trouble committing to this part of the healing process! As long as your main purpose isn't simply to “get your ex back,” you’ll benefit from diving deep into the relationship to understand what happened and, perhaps, why you need to make that shift.
  • Q. Why can’t I just do this on my own?
    A. You absolutely can! But time and time again, I’ve seen how much harder it is and how much longer it takes to properly heal without a mentor and without consistent support and accountability. There is no prize for struggling alone. With this type of guidance, you can speed up the process and avoid common pitfalls that lead to more emotional scarring and longer outcomes.
  • Q. Is this for me if I am coming from an LGBTQIA+ or non-traditional relationship?
    A. Yes! Anyone in any type of relationship is welcome here.
  • Q. What if I can’t attend the coaching calls live?
    A. One of the coolest parts about being a founding member is that you'll actually get a say in when the calls take place--they haven't been set yet! However, all of the calls will be recorded via Zoom and available for replay so you can submit questions ahead of time and watch the recorded sessions afterward for any times you're unable to join live.
  • Q. I’m nervous about the investment. Is it really worth it?
    A. I totally understand needing to be careful about where you spend your money, especially these days! To put it bluntly, this level of support, knowledge, and guidance is practically unheard of at this price. My private coaching costs a minimum of $1000/month and this program contains everything I know PLUS live weekly support for less than that! Doing it on your own isn’t always a better investment–think of money spent on other courses, books, therapy, cocktails, hair dye, etc. This is a one and done cost that is way more likely to get you the results you need!
  • Q. I’m not sure I’m ready to join. Will you be offering this again?
    A. The short answer is, yes, I will be offering it again. However, the price will be going up and this is the only time I can guarantee direct access to me–as we grow, it’s possible that other support or accountability coaches will be running the group calls. Also, RIGHT NOW is the best time to invest in your healing. If you’re hurting, you don’t need to waste another second without the support that you deserve!
  • Q. What if I’m looking for a more intense one on one level of support?
    A. I have a limited number of openings for private coaching. Please refer here for more information.

you may be asking yourself...

4_21_2022, 10_25_16 AM.jpg

meet your mentor

I'm Dr. Andrea Liner, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and breakup coach. Since we're friends here, you can call me The Breakup Doc!

A little about me…I’ve always been fascinated by why people do the things they do and driven by a deep desire to help others. That led me to my path as a psychologist.


In the last year of my psychology doctoral program, my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me seemingly out of nowhere. I was devastated and questioning every single thing about the relationship...and myself. Not only was I going through an agonizing heartbreak, but the Universe decided to pile on and made 90 percent of the therapy cases assigned to me about breakups. So I thought, “OK got it, message received!” I channeled everything I was going through into helping others and eventually healing myself.


By the end of that year, I was a breakup expert — and a new passion was born!


it's time to heal your heart

The doors to The Breakup Hospital are closed! Join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment is open again!

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