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Hi, I'm Dr. Andrea Liner-a licensed clinical psychologist and Certified Clini-Coach®, and I help people just like you process, learn, and heal from their breakups so they can rediscover a life they love and pave the way for their next, better relationship.


The Breakup First Aid Guide is my basic framework that I've used to heal from my own nasty breakups and is responsible for helping dozens of my private clients shorten the healing process and start to feel relief from their grieving and heartbreak.


Without it, you will waste your time using unhelpful coping techniques, staying in a pain spiral, and ultimately stretching out the healing process leaving scars that will continue to resurface in future relationships.


With it, you can eliminate weeks or even months of agony and cut straight to the techniques that will give you relief and clarity, allowing you to feel lighter, happier, and better equipped for your next relationship.

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